• 2009.9-2013.7 Bachelor’s Degree,China Agricultural University, Computer science and technology, GPA(3.61/4.0)


Sogou.Inc July 2013-Now

Sogou Appmall 2013.10-Now

  • App like Google Play, taked over from version 2.3(now 2.7)
  • Maintaining Core module and Coding new features, such as download, high speed download, custom versions like Chengxiang special version
  • New features coding of the new versions’
  • App optimization and upward,downward compatibility(database, shortcut, etc.)
  • App list animations Coding.

Paopao July 2013-Dec 2013

  • SNS app.
  • Get started with android from WP
  • Emoji function support, with all of 947, Compatible with the app’s custom expressions.
  • Other features such as the personal space page.


  • Solid in Android/Java, familiar with android decompiling(for study)
  • Know about C#/WP, Python, SQLite, Html, Markdown, etc.
  • Tools: Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.